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In India, social challenges like marginalisation, farmer suicides, gender inequality, exploitation and environment degradation still exists. As a society, we always turn a blind-eye towards these issues because we may not know how it affects us. Sometimes these challenges provides new opportunities for changemakers to come forward and create effective solutions..


fabriKolor is a for-profit social enterprise which supports women empowerment, organic clothing, sustainable community development and environment protection.


We work with low-income and marginalised women artisans to produce naturally dyed organic clothing using organic cotton produced in our state.


fabriKolor brings different communities together for a collective effort to fight social challenges and build sustainable ecosystems.


We were invited by Textile Exchange to participate at the  2017 Textile Sustainability Conference held in Washington DC from October 9-13. We were one of the top six finalist at Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) Innovation Awards 2017 and the only finalist from India this year. The OCRT Innovation Award is a celebration of new ideas in organic cotton. It aims to seek out groups or individuals with innovative solutions to break through barriers to growth and discover new ways for the organic cotton community to flourish from producer to consumer.


fabriKolor is now part of the OCRT Innovation Award Alumni, an exciting group of innovative thinkers from around the world, which will grow over the years and can support each other in bringing new solutions to the textile industry.


You can watch our pitch and find more information about fellow finalist on the Innovation Award Alumni Page.


Textile Exchange is a global non-profit working closely with all sectors of the textile supply network since 2002.

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Fabrikolor A Socio - Cultural Movement.