Who we are ?
Fabrikolor is based on the core values of sustainability. Sustainability to us does not end at being environmentally friendly and practicing fairtrade. We believe that it also extends to being socially responsible and making an overall impact on our surroundings. This belief has helped us to make skills training a huge part of our work. We have worked closely with women who were ready to learn something new and become financially independent. All our women co-workers are first-time artisans who haven't ever been employed before or are unable to complete their education but dared to take control of their lives. We were able to successfully provide two months of hands-on skill-based training to these women on natural dyes, organic cotton clothing, natural dye extraction, dyeing techniques, eco-dyeing organic cotton t-shirts, packaging, making newspaper handbags, etc.
We impart training to women and in turn, they help us create our beautiful products. We firmly believe in growing slowly but steadily. This has been reflected in our work too. Our work orders are usually produced in small batches. This is to ensure optimum quality and less waste. All of our products are also handmade. Everything from dyeing to sewing to packing is done with little to no use of machinery. The use of natural dyes and the use of traditional techniques is what makes our products so special. We believe in creating products that last.
What We Do

We find and help low-income underpriviledged women in our neighbourhood to make them self sufficient by providing free learning and earning opportunities.


Our women co-workers learn different vocational and social skills to become financially independent creative artisans.

Natural Dyes

We extract color pigments from plant-based sources, Ayurvedic herbs and flowers etc.

We use traditional and eco-friendly dyeing techniques which are safe for humans and the environment.


Using sustainable textiles and natural dyes, our women artisans produce exquisite handcrafted organic clothing for men & women.


We are advancing the voices and participation of unnderpriviledged women in our society through our work.

We are strengthening the foundation of a sustainable ecosystem.

About Us
fabriKolor is a for-profit social enterprise which supports women empowerment, organic clothing, sustainable community development and environment protection.
We work with low-income and marginalised women artisans to produce naturally dyed organic clothing using organic cotton produced in our state.
fabriKolor brings different communities together for a collective effort to fight social challenges and build sustainable ecosystems.


Organic Cotton Round Table Innovation Awards, 2017

Washington D.C



Pune StartUp Fest, 2019

College Of Engineering