The Problem

Poor economical and sociological state of marginalised women in our society.

Toxic harm to humans and environment due to excessive use of hazardous chemical dyes in the textile industry.

Ever increasing number of cotton farmer suicides and deaths in Maharashtra.

The Solution

Provide free and equal skill based training program and employment opportunities to low-income marginalised women.

Use traditional, eco-friendly & herbal dyeing techniques as an alternative to chemical dyes.

Support organic cotton farming communities in Maharashtra by providing them ethical, robust and transparent supply chain for organic clothing.

The Outcome


Marginalised Community Development

Women Empowerment


Improved economical & sociological state of marginalised women in our society.

Awareness about Organic Cotton


Healthy & sustainable farming future for organic cotton farmers in Maharashtra.

Ethical & Herbal clothing for our customers.

Our Impact


Our consumers are making conscious decisions in their daily life because they have started to understand how their choices affect the entire ecosystem. They are also encouraging more people to support our initiative by actively participating in creating more awareness.


Our initiative has provided livelihood to marginalised women who did not have any source of income and proper education by developing them into creative artisans.

By using organic cotton produced in Maharashtra, this initiative has also revitalized the rural organic cotton farming communities by providing a robust, ethical and transparent supply chain for organic clothing.


We are working towards creating a sustainable future for our planet. We use agro-renewable and biodegradable resources in our production. We have controlled carbon and water footprint levels. The waste in our production unit becomes an ideal fertilizer for use in agricultural fields thereby not affecting the environment with disposal issues.


Our initiative provides livelihood to marginalised women and economic support to organic cotton farmers.


13 marginalized women in our neighbourhood have been rehabilitated with the help of equal learning and earning opportunities. They have undergone a 2 month skill development program and currently employed with us. We currently have 2 women coordinators who are helping us manage trainings and operations.


This initiative has also been able to impact approximately 100 organic cotton farmers in Maharashtra who follow ethical practices of organic cotton farming.

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